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Musical Instruments For Sale

Pearl Export 4 Toms 4 Pearls 6 Cymbals 4 Stands
Roc & Soc Seat This is a very good deal!

Drum Set "Pearl Export" Color: All Matching drums are Black, shiny wrap; 4 Pearls, 4 new Stands, 6 Rock and Roll Cymbals, (one large Zildjian "A", two Zildjian crash cymbals, two Paiste High Hats, one China; Roc&Soc Seat;  Theheads are Remo, Weatherking, Ambassador, USA
Cymbal descriptions are:
1 Zildjian, 22",
1 China, 20",
2 Zildjian crash cymbals- 18"
2 Paiste High Hats- 14"
Drums are measured as follows:
1 - 16" diam.  Height 17";
1- 141/2 diam. Height 7 1/2;
1 13 1/2 diam, Height 12",
1 10", which is 12" high.
Bass circumference is 22".
Measurements are approximate, including the rims.  Pedal is Pearl Export Series. 
Phone 1-800-643-1494 or  520-260-4485

Pay me securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal!

Note: When you click on 'Paypal', go to the Dark Blue Tab at the top of the page, under the word 'Paypal' that says "Send Money". This is a secure way to transfer money to my checking account, for making a purchase. You do not have to be a member of Paypal. Return instrument by notifying me within 3 businesss days of receipt of the instrument. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Instrument must be received in original packing and in excellent condition, for you to receive a complete refund.

Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar '69 Hendrix PickUps
Jimi Hendrix electric guitar.jpg
Fender Strat

Left Handed Guitar, Fender Strat With 69 Hendrix Pick-Ups $550

Left Handed Cherrywood Seagull Guitar
Excellent Buy! $300 asking price

Left Handed Cherrywood Seagull Acoustic $300
The size is called "dreadknot"

Left Handed Jazz Fender base with baseline pu's
Soft Case included $300

Digital Guitar Amp AIX2 212 Line 6
Cord connects everything $500 Floor board inclu

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