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Plein Air 2003-2005

In 1962 I was standing in a wildlife reserve outside of Kansas City, MO.  It was the pink morning time, and people were running their dogs in this wildlife area. I resolved to learn to paint what I felt when I looked at nature. Living in Santa Barbara for 3 years I got to know members of the O.A.K group. This was the first time I painted out of doors with these dedicated and wonderful painters and I took workshops with Michael Drury and studied with Ray Strong.
Later, in Tucson, I became a member of the TPAPs.  
 I took workshops with Kurt Anderson and Phil Starke.
At this juncture, I am in California and have painted out witih the
Verde Artist's Guild, Plein Air Painters of the Bay Area.

Mission - Tumacacori
Oil on Panel, 10 x 8

Santa Fe Square
Oil on panel 16 x 12

Painting at San Xavier
Photo by Elizabeth Wallace

Buenos Aires Meadow
9 x 12 oil on panel = palette knife

Buenos Aires Refuge, Arivca, AZ
oil on panel, 9 x 12

Fairfax, California
Mt. Tamalpais Golden Hills  Acrylic Canvas.jpg
Mt. Tamalpais Golden Hills Acrylic 12 x 9 Canvas Panel

Cotati, CA.
Old Shed, Handmade Frame Oil on canvas (Sold)

Hostel bldg. Marin Headlands, Fort Barry, S.F. CA. oil on canvas board 16x20

Saguaro National Park West Palette Knife Oil on Board 12 x 9"

On Gates Pass Road Oil on Board 9 x 12 "

Elephant Head in Monsoon Oil on Board 8 x 10" Palette Knife

Elephant Head Monsoon Days Oil on Board 8 x 10"

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