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In Progress

sketches from park photos

Curious thing to put paintings up that are not finished. These are for friends to see who have
an interest in the progress of paintings. Instead of
putting them in an email and cluttering up their
mailboxes and making them download these
to their hard drives, they can see them on the
Internet. Great. Some web builders can make a private page for this kind of thing. I am just doing
it publically. It's like a painting blog page, but not interactive.

music concourse-underpainting

haight st underpass

I am concentrating on getting the look of the area as well as design, eye appeal, impressionistic in brush strokes, using light and shadow.
The two images above are 14x18 inches, both on canvas, and the one below of the lake is 18 x 24 inches, considerably larger.

Stowe Lake, early morning, poetic

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